StoryBrand Social Media: 5 Tips to Increase Engagement

Using StoryBrand Social Media to Increase Engagement

Let’s talk about how to StoryBrand social media for business. It’s a science. It’s an art. We have a 5 tip formula for you to use and follow to raise your social media game.


StoryBrand Social Media: 5 Tips to Increase Engagement

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Your Account Isn’t About You
  3. Give More Than You Take
  4. Focus on Engagement More Than a Number of Followers
  5. Tell a Clear Story


It can be tough to manage social media along with your website and the day-in-day-out of all the other business tasks you have to take on. But we have a formula for you to follow in the form of tips so that you can go from being overwhelmed by the prospect of managing your social media to efficient and effective social media planning that results in conversions.

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In this blog, we’ll cover the 5 tips first and then talk about StoryBrand as a whole, in addition to covering some basic information.


Social Media Audiences


Let’s go…

Tip 1: Know Your Audience

Creating meaningful content for specific audiences can be a challenge; however, knowing your audience is the key to success. When crafting posts for social media, it’s essential to consider the target audience first and foremost. Understanding who you are targeting with your content will help ensure that it engages your readers and meets their needs.

This understanding of the target market’s challenges and successes should be clearly outlined in a StoryBrand BrandScript for your company or product. That would really be the first step. The information provided in the BrandScript should guide the creation of targeted social media posts that effectively engage followers with messages tailored to their needs.

This will help establish trust between customers and brands, encouraging a loyal following and making them more likely to become paying customers or evangelists for the brand. Such content can also include lines directly from the BrandScript that let followers know you understand their struggles and have authority as an expert in helping them find solutions. Remember, if you’re following the StoryBrand Framework, YOU are the GUIDE!


Tip 2: Your Account Isn’t About You

No matter what type of business you have, it’s essential to remember that your social media account isn’t about you—it’s all about serving your customers. This means it is paramount to write and share content that provides your audience with the support they need to be successful and live their best story. Remember, if you’re following the StoryBrand Framework, your CUSTOMER is the HERO!

When crafting posts for your accounts, always make sure to highlight how you can help solve your customer’s problems in an effective way or give them the opportunity to achieve success. Additionally, ensure that everything you create or share aligns with the greater narrative of your brand. You can also find and share content from outside sources if doing so will benefit those goals as well. In this way, you can ensure that your social media presence guides people in a positive direction while promoting yourself and demonstrating how you can meet their needs even further.

It is easy to forget that your social media account isn’t actually about yourself, but rather, it should be about your customers. Your posts should always be focused on how you can help the user succeed, avoid failure, or live a better [easier] life. Take time to carefully craft each post so that it relates back to at least one of these three ideas and provides value for the user. You want them to see the content you post as useful and helpful in their journey. In addition, make sure all your content always aligns with your brand story – if it doesn’t have a connection, leave it out!

As a creative writer myself, one of the hardest things about writing is the editing. But, you must train yourself to be a ruthless editor. Even if you feel a piece of content or a piece of a piece of content is fun or funny, and you feel just awful cutting it, you must still do the cutting. Ruthless editing will result in a more complete and meaningful connection if you cut the right stuff out. Or would that be the wrong stuff? You know what I mean.

Finally, don’t hesitate to share content from other brands that meet the same goals. This shows your customers that you are committed to giving them quality information no matter where it comes from. Not only does this foster trust with your followers, but it also teaches them about what type of content they should be looking for from other brands in order to achieve their goals beyond just what you offer.

Remember – although social media isn’t specifically about you, it’s still essential for growing relationships with users, which will ultimately benefit the success of your brand in the long run.


Tip 3: Give More Than You Take

It can be tempting to try to find ways to get something from your target audience. However, social media works best when you are willing to give away useful and valuable content before asking for something in return. This means not trying to hard-sell products or services but rather giving away helpful information related to your industry. This builds trust between yourself and your audience, a solid foundation that can help ensure the long-term success of your social media accounts.

By listening to what your audience wants and needs, you can figure out how best to interact with them and provide more of what they want. Take the time to read through comments from your posts, analyze which types of posts gain the most likes and shares, and research what topics seem to be popular with your target demographic. As long as you prioritize giving value over asking for things from your customers, you will notice an upward positive trend in building a relationship with them. This will ultimately lead you toward success on social media.

Over time you will notice that people start interacting more regularly with your content, gaining trust in what you post and showing support for your brand as a whole.


Tip 4: Focus on Engagement Over Number of Followers

Engagement on social media is essential to success, regardless of your industry. An account with a large number of followers doesn’t necessarily equate to successful marketing. This is because the algorithms that most social media platforms use actually prioritize engaged accounts over those with a large following. Therefore, focusing on engagement should be the top priority in your social media strategy rather than chasing after a larger audience size.

Number of Social Media Followers

Creating content that encourages engagement can help increase reach and create relationships with audiences. You should aim to provide content that people will find interesting and worth sharing or interacting with. That way, your following will continue to grow gradually as opposed to expecting an overnight success from one piece of content going viral.

In addition, take the time to show empathy and get to know your current followers to foster deeper conversations around relevant topics within their circles. This is how you build relationships within your network and eventually galvanize more support for your brand in various online channels.


Tip 5: Tell a Clear Story

When it comes to using social media effectively, one of the most important steps is to define your intention and goal for any given post clearly. As Donald Miller points out in the Communication Made Simple course, every marketing campaign should have a controlling idea. When creating new posts, you should think of this post as one part of that overall campaign goal.

Your post needs to deliver a clear message that carries weight with your intended audience. You can do this by providing something readers can learn from or benefit from by engaging with your post. It could be something they don’t want to miss out on or a solution to a problem they face. By having an underlying meaningful purpose behind each post, you’ll be able to craft effective stories that engage and attract people to what you have to offer.

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Tell Stories on Social Media


Using StoryBrand for Social Media

The StoryBrand framework is an effective tool for creating social media posts that will captivate followers and drive results. This framework was developed by Donald Miller to help organizations craft messages that compel their target audiences to take action.

The StoryBrand formula consists of pouring the essence of each message into a simple yet effective structure: A Character, Struggling with a Problem, Meets a Guide Who Gives Them a Plan and Calls Them to Action.

Each post includes one of these elements as the main story point – for example, introducing a person struggling with a problem or showcasing your brand as the guide providing the solution. Additionally, using StoryBrand assets such as images and videos can also help bring life to your posts and make them more engaging for viewers.

With these elements in place, you can effectively deliver your intended message in the most efficient way possible – giving your audience something they’ll value and increasing engagement with your brand over time.

That is part of the success equation, right? To maintain and increase engagement with your audience. Give them reasons to stay once they’ve started noticing you.

StoryBrand is a powerful marketing framework that businesses of all sizes can use to create more effective messaging. In the framework, stories have a clear hero (the consumer), and they go through a journey to reach success – usually buying the product or service that’s being offered. By tapping into this formulaic approach, you can create social media posts that will drive engagement and generate more leads for your business.

Each post should include 3 key elements: a proactive statement to grab attention, an explanation of how the post can help the reader access their desired outcome, and why it makes sense for them to take action now.



Overview of the StoryBrand Framework

Before we get to any examples, let’s quickly review the steps from the StoryBrand BrandScript, which will help solidify the steps in your mind.

A CHARACTER (your customer, the HERO) has a PROBLEM and meets a GUIDE (that’s YOU), who gives them a PLAN, CALLS them TO ACTION to help them AVOID FAILURE, and ENDS in a SUCCESS.


Overview of StoryBrand Framework


Once you’ve completed a BrandScript, you will have clarified your message, which will help you craft each and every social media post. Your lead generators, email campaigns, and all other marketing materials will level up automatically once you’ve taken the time to do this for your business.

If your customers are confused, they won’t be interested in what you have to say or offer. They won’t engage with noise and chaos. Why should they?

So, get your message clarified, and watch your business grow right before your wide entrepreneurial eyes!


Ready for an example?

An Example

Here’s an example of How to Use StoryBrand Framework for a Social Media Post.

If you’re sharing images of happy customers with your product or service: Proactively state, “We want you to feel like our customers do”; explain how what you offer will get them there (“Our product/service will give you access to…”); and encourage them to take action now (“Sign up before Jan 15th for 10% off!”).

You can also supplement any post with StoryBrand assets such as quotes from company leaders, impactful imagery, or customer reviews – making sure that in each one, there is consistency around your core message.


Knowing StoryBrand or having another great way to clarify your message is wonderfu

Let’s talk about how to StoryBrand social media for business. It’s a science. It’s an art. We have a 5 tip formula for you to use and follow to raise your social media game.


Knowing StoryBrand or having another great way to clarify your message is wonderful, but it does your business no good unless you can be found by your ideal customer base. Having an online presence is an absolute non-negotiable these days, so if you’re worried about not being found by enough customers, click here to download our free offer, 5 Hacks to Get You on Page 1 of Google so you can be confident you’ll be noticed and found.

l, but it does your business no good unless you can be found by your ideal customer base. Having an online presence is an absolute non-negotiable these days, so if you’re worried about not being found by enough customers, click here to download our free offer, 5 Hacks to Get You on Page 1 of Google so you can be confident you’ll be noticed and found.


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