12 Powerful Local Business StoryBrand Website Examples

StoryBrand website examples include the SB7 Framework and 12 sections that must be on your homepage so that when people visit your website they take action. In this article, I’ll show you 12 local businesses that follow the StoryBrand message and marketing framework.

What Are StoryBrand Website Examples?

  • Event Space
  • Health and Wellness
  • Home Services
  • Non Profits
  • Pilates Studio
  • Photography
  • Real Estate
  • School
  • Speech Therapy
  • Solar Company
  • Transportation Service


I’ve seen lots of website mistakes when I’ve done audits for these industries. But you don’t have to make them. Get inspired by these 12 websites that did a great job applying StoryBrand.

StoryBrand SB7 Framework

This is the framework that makes marketing easy! If you don’t have time to read the book Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller listen to this 42-minute podcast for an overview.

You clarify your message so customers will listen.

Not all StoryBrand Certified Guides practice what they preach. So make sure you know enough about the framework so you hire the right Guide to review your work or do it for you.

If you want to do it yourself and take your best shot clarify your message by creating a BrandScript here with this easy to use tool from StoryBrand.

Robert and I love this tool!

For just our company RebelFish Local I’ve created 22 BrandScripts. Then for clients, I have another 25.

The tool also has little videos to help you with filling out each section.

If you listen to the podcast or watch the videos on that tool, tag us on your stories @rebelfishlocal I want to cheer you on!

12 Sections That Must Be On Your Website Homepage

Don’t ever write ANYTHING for your website until you’ve filled out a BrandScript. When writing the copy for your homepage you fill in the blanks for the StoryBrand Website Wireframe.

Wireframe just means the placement of where the words and pictures go for your website. This is something you’d give to a website designer to add in all the branding colors and design elements. Then you’d give that fancy wireframe to a website developer to build it in WordPress Elementor.

StoryBrand Website Examples

Download It HERE

Here are the 12 Sections:

  1. Header
  2. Tag Line
  3. Stakes
  4. Value Proposition
  5. Process Plan
  6. One-Liner
  7. Client Logos
  8. Explanatory Paragraph
  9. Price Choices
  10. Testimonials
  11. Lead-Generating PDF
  12. Footer/Junk Drawer


Want me to make a video tutorial as I walk you through how to use the BrandScript tool, 12 sections of the Website Wireframe template, and a Google Doc?

Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this blog.

As you look at these 12 StoryBrand website examples you’ll start to see the 12 sections of the wireframe. Sometimes clients make changes so you won’t see this process perfect on every website. I included a couple of websites from some fellow StoryBrand Certified Guides who did an awesome job with mutual clients we’ve worked with.

12 Local Business StoryBrand Website Examples:

Event Space

Harvest Collective needed to appeal to co-working, networking groups, churches, and weddings. Normally cute and clever doesn’t work. But in this case, we were able to use the word “gather” in their tagline and keep in line with using harvesting play on words.

If you have a business that serves multiple groups of diverse people with different problems you can come up with a marketing message that is clear. It just takes a little extra help working with a StoryBrand Certified Guide and you’ll be able to figure it out together. So don’t give up!

Health and Wellness

Before the pandemic, A Graceful Approach and Upscale For Life see a combo of high-end clients at their at-home studio and also do online coaching. Health and Wellness businesses normally try to work with EVERYONE! This doesn’t work. You need to pick a primary client to appeal to. This is where having a 3-step process plan makes such a huge difference.

With both of these clients, I started figuring out their message by having them pick 1 package to sell. It was hard since they do in-person, coaching, and have physical products. They also said they are all custom packages. But on a website making everything custom or offering the whole kitchen sink is confusing so you won’t get consistently booked appointments.

So pick your top-selling service and make your homepage focused on selling that one appointment.

Another thing health and wellness businesses make a mistake with is either being too positive or being too dramatic with what your life may look like if you don’t make a health change now.

Amber and I came up with a great list of the stakes section and the consequences if you don’t work with her. It’s important to quickly talk about the negative then you can be positive for the rest of your homepage.

Both of these clients read the StoryBrand book and looked at other StoryBrand website examples from their industry doing their best to do it on their own. But once we helped them we got their site up quicker and it’s more profitable.



Non Profits like Open Door Ministry For The Broken and Stephen J. Wampler Foundation need websites that appeal to donors and recipients. How you talk to each group is very different.

Before making your BrandScript decide it you will make a mission-focused BrandScript or a donor-focused BrandSctipt.

In both these cases, they chose a blend. This isn’t as effective.

As you read you’ll see sometimes the words are to inspire how the donor will feel when they give and other times it’s focused on how life will be for the recipients of the nonprofit serves.

Another mistake I see nonprofits and churches make is they work with a StoryBrand Certified Guide but then they end up changing things since they think they know best. When you hire someone trust them even if you don’t think it will work. After 6 to 9 months if your donations haven’t increased then do what you wanted. You were right.

But most of the time the Guide will be right and you’ll 10X your investment within that time frame by trusting the process and listening to them. I know it is scary but sometimes as the stakeholder you are too close to your nonprofit and you need someone else’s eyes to help you.

How are you liking these StoryBrand website examples? Comment below with your local business and I’ll see if I can find one for you.

Pilates Studio

My friend Dominique made this site! I’ve used it as an example to so many gyms and small studios. During the pandemic, they immediately updated their site and they’ve been able to thrive.

Mistakes gyms make is not having a mobile responsive website or not having an app to make it easy to book a class.


Photography by Richard does commercial photography. But he also does weddings and real estate headshots. It is important that you pick your favorite and the most profitable client to work with then make the words your choose make them say, “yes, that’s exactly what I’m dealing with”.

Creatives also get too creative.

They use fluffy words or jargon that is confusing.

It helps to be more literal and write to the person who’d hire you. In this case, it’s the marketing manager or marketing agency who hires a commercial photographer.

Real Estate

A friend and Guide made their site. Real Estate is another tough industry to make a BrandScript for. Why? You work with buyers, sellers, and investors. It is possible and so exciting to come up with a unique message that makes you stand out.

Real estate agents have so much competition so you have to have a content strategy. Kimberly does a great job blogging weekly and doing Facebook Lives.



We helped with the re-brand of Rock School Of Ministry a StoryBrand Website 4 years ago and it was fun to be apart of another re-brand as they transitioned the school online earlier this year. During the first month of launching this new site, they doubled their enrollments for the next semester.

Following the StoryBrand homepage wireframe, free offer funnel with emails, and sales funnel works! We are so proud of them and for listening to our coaching along the way. The marketing director Aaron watch all the Business Made Simple classes and was always prepared before showing up to calls.

Speech Therapy

Businesses and nonprofits that work with kids have been hit hard this year. Kids are behind in development and education. But Angie got ahead and did a photoshoot with her face shield.

If you work in-person right now more than ever it’s important to show through photos and video the precisions you are taking to keep healthy and safe.

Solar Company

Home service businesses are used to doing door-to-door sales or having a booth at Home Depot. But now you’ve had to learn traffic strategies. It’s been a tough learning curve but it is worth it so keep hanging in there.

You guys need to be doing Google Ads, local SEO and creating lots of content so that people call you.

I remember when Robert did solar and green technology sales for a year when he was between businesses. When they’d finish installation they’d throw a BBQ and invite 10 or 20 neighbors over then they’d line up more appointments. But you can’t do this right now with social distancing.

Transportation Service

We applied StoryBrand to only their homepage and we guided them on making this awesome looping video showing all the health and safety precautions they are taking. I’m so proud of this client and their resilience. This pandemic is showing who the true entrepreneurs are. The ones who fight to keep paying all their employees and stand strong never giving up.

I wish I had before and after photos.

They have so many options of vehicles that their site was so confusing. Now it’s simple and you know what to do. CALL NOW!


Next Steps

Hire a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Robert and I went through guide training in February of 2019. When clients have a StoryBranded Website traffic strategies like local SEO and paid advertising work 10x better! It is worth the extra time to make sure you are choosing the right words so that people take action when they come to your website.

We have 3 packages to help you solve your problem whether it’s having a website that books calls, to get more sales, or grow your email list.

Read more about these 3 StoryBrand Packages HERE.

I look forward to meeting you when you schedule a call with us now.

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