Local SEO For Online Business: How To Make It Work!


Can you do local SEO for online business? We get this question a lot. You’ve heard that Google wants you to have a physical address for your business. Part of this is about proving that you are who you say you are and that you do what you say you do. These are important things, helping to keep the scammers out.


But what if you’re an online business? What then? How do you establish yourself as a legitimate and authoritative presence? 


Let’s talk about it… 

Local SEO for Online Business: How to Make it Work!

If you’re an online business, you most likely work from home. Understandably, you wouldn’t want your home address advertised all over the internet, an obvious safety issue. Can you see the Lifetime movie plot running through your mind right now? It shouldn’t be difficult… they’re all the same. Stalker city! 

You have to give them a physical address to prove your existence. Then, once you get the postcard in the mail and verify your address, you can hide your listed address so that you’re a service-based business. Easy peasy!

local seo for online business

Service Area Radius

That tells Google and Yelp that you are doing local SEO, but you’re a service-based business working in a specific ‘service area.’ Depending on your desire, this can be a 10-mile, 50-mile, or larger. In addition, you can list yourself in more than one service area. 

Speaking of service areas… A GREAT WAY TO INCREASE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE is by writing and posting service area pages. Anything relating to your service area; fun activities, annual events, celebrations, historical sites, etc. These should be pages that contain information relevant to your customers. What are the things they’d appreciate about your service area? Write about those things! 


Benefits of a Local Presence for Your Online Business

The first benefit of having a local online business presence is getting more local traffic.

Let’s say your website doesn’t get very much traffic right now. You’re blogging, but it typically takes nine months to get a blog to help you rank. 

We’ve seen clients go from 100 visitors per month to 1000 just after setting up a Google Business Profile. Not a terrible return on a free investment if you ask us. More traffic means more potential customers. 

local seo for online business

Focus on Building Authority

Setting up a GBP allows you to get on more Google searches and Google Maps searches versus just being on Google Maps search, a separate area from organic Google; organic is where your blogs show. 


Here are some of our favorite marketing tools to help you build your online authority. 


Things To Do to set yourself up for success:


  • Search for Your Business 

You’ll be automatically added to the BBB, GBP, Yelp, and other review sites if you have an LLC or S Corp. But, search to find your business to know where you already are and what to add or correct. 


  • Correct and Add Information

It’s important to claim these listings for your business and add or correct information. It’s also important to make sure the info is consistent (we’re talking periods, dashes, etc.) across all platforms. Use your business’s NAP (name, address, phone number). A cell phone number and P.O. Box will not work well for ranking. But whatever the info is, ensure it’s all the same everywhere. 


  • Leverage the Power of REVIEWS

This will help immensely. The top sites you want your business listed on are Google, Facebook, Google Business Profile, Yelp, Facebook, and Apple Maps. This is a powerhouse of authority just waiting to be claimed. Do it. 

Some businesses fear asking for reviews, but we LOVE this idea. 

When someone gives your business a five-star review that establishes backlinks to your website, increasing your credibility, Yelp has credibility. So, if Yelp is saying good things, then your ranking climbs. 

Many online businesses don’t make getting reviews part of their business strategy, and that’s a mistake. It’s an oversight that ends up costing your business. If you make it a priority to build up your authority, you’ll reap the rewards. 

Managing your business is a ton of responsibility. We understand the never-ending daily checklists and relationship dynamics you deal with regularly. These things make it almost impossible to focus on absolutely everything all at once. It shouldn’t be this hard.


While it does take some time, we believe establishing your business online should be stress-free. Schedule A Call with us today, and let us take that weight from you.


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