What If I Quit Working With RebelFish Local And Want To Come Back Later?


What if I quit? “What if I quit RebelFish and come back later?” is a question we’ve heard, and we’d like to take some time to answer you. During the time we’ve been doing Local Marketing and SEO, we’ve heard it all. This is an important question to answer, and it’s not black and white. 


What if I Quit RebelFish Local and Come Back Later?

This happens for many reasons, some of which we’ll cover below. But the most important thing to remember is this. Doing local SEO can be compared to health and fitness. 

This is what I mean. What you do now and consistently for the next few months will show. It will take time. But you will see results. The point is to maintain consistency. 


Different styles of marketing can get you different results. Do you play around with different ways to market?


SEO Takes Time

You are not going to see results right away. It’s like getting fit. Those who have struggled with weight know how difficult it is to break out of the mind-screwing loss and gain cycle of weight control. The same applies to SEO. 

This can be hard to remember, especially for clients who have experienced results and are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Naturally, just like when you’re working on getting fit and healthy, you start to see the results and pull back your efforts. Over time, this results in a regression, a plateau, or the complete annihilation of past efforts. Before you know it, you’re right back where you started, or worse, even behind your initial starting point. 

This is not good. This is not what you wanted. This is not where you want to be. 

I wanted to see what Google had to say about how long SEO takes. Between 4-12 months was the answer. This is consistent with what we’ve seen over the years. Four to twelve months is not precise. If you’re a business owner waiting for results, it can be a rather unnerving amount of time to think about waiting.

It’s frustrating to wait for results. Even more frustrating is to experience success from your efforts and then the inevitable disappointment from the fallout of quitting. 


Here are some things we’ve heard from clients who are considering quitting…

what if i quit

3 Important Factors for Effective SEO 

These are just a few factors that will help your SEO strategy and will help to lessen the time it takes to establish an effective online presence. 


  • Targeting low-competition keywords.
  • Organically building and earning reputable backlinks.
  • Building citations – NAP 


Building and earning reputable backlinks is the most difficult part of an effective SEO strategy. However, if you understand what Google is trying to accomplish for its searchers, you’ll understand why this is the secret to building online authority and consumer trust. Google bots will say, “Hey, look at this business… people are searching for something just like it, and this one has a good reputation which means it’s safe to send our searchers to.” 


We know you’ve had the following question because we always hear it. Read Why Does SEO Take So Long? for more answers. 


Here are some things we’ve heard from clients who come back…

How Long Does it Take to Regain Lost Progress After I Return?

This will very much depend on your local competition. How well are they doing? Have they been staying consistent? It will depend on how long you were ‘out of the game.’ 

Again, it’s like eyeing the fit person flexing their muscles in the mirror on the other side of the gym. They were consistent when you dropped off the plan. Both create results. Theirs are just more coveted. 

Ranking well on Google will take time and effort, but we want you to think about what your business and life will look like when you stick to the plan. What things will you be able to focus on better once you’ve accomplished a good ranking? How will your day-to-day be easier and more efficient? Will you be able to hire more employees? Will you be able to get the expansion you’ve been thinking about?


Have you ever used a StoryBrand Brandscript? See how your marketing and messaging strategy could improve dramatically.


You must be willing to spend the time and money, but sticking to your SEO goals will result in a better ranking. There’s nothing that feels worse than knowing you could have been farther along. There’s nothing that feels better than reaping the rewards because you stuck to your plan.

Schedule A Call with us today, and we’ll help you work through some of these questions and concerns to determine the best move for your business.

Not everyone is cut out to be a rebel. But, honestly… we think you are!


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