Best SEO Company: 3 Interview Questions

Finding the best SEO company can be a challenge. We’ve put together a list of 3 interview questions we think are the best to ask. This blog will focus on helping you hire the best SEO company for your needs, as well as a Certified StoryBrand Guide for your marketing.


Best SEO Company: 3 Interview Questions

  • Questions to ask
  • Mistakes to watch for
  • 3 Big Problems
  • 1 solution


Yes, you read that right. There is more than one problem you may have to deal with when you choose the wrong certified StoryBrand Guide for your marketing needs. But we believe there is ONE solution. The solution is to trust RebelFish Local with your marketing. 


Now, with a few dozen StoryBrand websites under my belt, I’m well-practiced and experienced. I’ve coached at least 16 people a year for the StoryBrand Livestream for 5 years, helping with BrandScript, OneLiner, and homepage wireframe copy. As of February of 2024, I’ll be starting my 6th year as a Guide. 


I’ve learned a few important things along the way…


At least once a quarter, one of my sales calls is from someone frustrated that they hired a certified StoryBrand guide who created a StoryBrand website or sales funnel, but the promise of increasing business, and specifically, the promise of doubling sales, is not happening. The sales funnel is not converting, and their numbers have not improved. 


So, why does this happen? It happens because the business owner chose a cheaper guide who is inexperienced. And yes, all guys need practice projects, but they should not be practicing on you. You deserve to have a story-branded website produced by an experienced guide that has a positive track record. 


Are you blogging for your business? It’s a great way to increase your online presence and overall authority. Here’s how to master the SEO backend for your blogs.

Questions to Ask


  • How long have you been building websites?

This is important but beware. You may run into designers who will tell you that they’ve been building, writing for, and designing websites since the 90s. This sounds great; however, if they’re not ‘up with the times,’ you’ll end up spending more in the long run. Many times, they are stuck in their ways and haven’t kept up with technology or the idiosyncrasies of the overall SEO game. 

  • How many StoryBrand websites do you build per quarter?

Since we’re talking about StoryBrand specifically, this one matters. If you’ve hired a guide that doesn’t have a complete understanding of the StoryBrand Framework, you’ll end up with an incomplete message that will likely cause confusion with your customers. I don’t think I have to explain why this is a problem. Confusion will kill your marketing. 

  • Are you able to track the results of the websites you build? If so, how?

The majority of certified StoryBrand Guides do not track the results of your website once their work is completed. This is why finding someone with the capabilities for a more comprehensive approach will be much more beneficial. A marketing company that is able to track the results will help you grow more quickly. It will give you a better understanding of the overall landscape of your business and help you determine your next steps. 



Mistakes to watch

  • Focus too much on the price. 

Sticker shock is real. We know it can be daunting to see a $10,000 sticker price when you’re initially shopping around. Some StoryBrand guides charge more than double that (25k). However, 

  • Expecting to be shown a portfolio of past work

Many companies don’t approve of a vendor showing the work they’ve done. We know that sounds strange. However, this is a creative business. One that revolves around design and creative strategies, many times valued as intellectual property. They don’t want the work done for their company copied by a competitor. So, don’t rule out a possibility just because you can’t see the entirety of their portfolio. 

Here’s the deal. If you’re paying to have someone create a sales funnel or write copy on a website that is supposed to lead to conversions, that’s what it should do for you and your business. It’s that simple. Results are results, and if you don’t see positive results, it’s time to cut your losses and move forward. 



3 Big Problems

  • Unclear Understanding of the StoryBrand Framework
  • Little to no experience with SEO
  • No understanding of your business and brand


Unclear Understanding of the StoryBrand Framework

I mentioned above that at least once a quarter, I get a phone call from a frustrated business owner about their experience with another certified StoryBrand Guide. Well, almost 100% of the time, I can narrow the problem down to a problem with the StoryBrank Framework. Something is almost always missing from the framework. That creates a big problem for telling a clear and complete story. 


A brief review of the StoryBrand Framework

Storytelling has been used as an effective mode of communication since the beginning. Before the written word, it was used to pass on cultural beliefs, ideas, and traditions. Some cultures still practice spoken word for these purposes, though most have settled right into using current technology as their preferred mechanism. 

Storytelling is powerful when done properly. There are rules you must follow in order to craft a compelling story, one that sparks a person to take some kind of action. I can’t remember who said it, but someone once said, you must know the rules before you can break the rules. So there you have it. Rules are made to be broken, right? Hold on, REBELS. Slow your ‘role.’ 

You and I both know you can’t be an expert after reading a portion of just one blog. Just for fun, let’s review the StoryBrand Framework…


There are 7 parts to the StoryBrand Framework, and you’ll find them laid out for you in a StoryBrand BrandScript. When working through a BrandScript, you’ll be focused on your business and what it does for your ideal customer. If you’re not clear in your marketing message, you’ll end up confusing people, and you won’t increase your sales. Confusion is chaos, and chaos doesn’t ever lead to success for anybody. 

Follow this link for more information on How to Use a StoryBrand BrandScript.



1. A Character


We generally want to assign ourselves the role of the hero. But I have news for you, REBELS. You’re not the hero here. Not of this particular story, at least. Your customer, the ideal one, is the hero of this story. They are seeking a solution to the problem they have, and they are to be cast in their proper place as the HERO of their own story. 


2. Has a Problem


So, what is their problem? What is it that your services or products offer as a solution? The answer to this question will help you identify the problem they are trying to solve. 


3. Meets a Guide


YOU are the GUIDE. You are the one who has the experience and authority with the problem and is thereby able to offer the solution. 


4. Who Gives Them a Plan


Since you’ve been there and done that, you know how to lay out a simple plan that, when implemented, will lead them to claim the solution for themselves. 


5. Calls Them to Action


When was the last time you saw a movie where the hero took action without first being challenged to take that action? Never. Do you know why? Because people are people, and we must be somehow compelled to take any action. Many times, it’s something basic, like needing a glass of water to soothe your dry throat. Easy peasy. 


6. That Helps Them Avoid Failure


The more inspirational stories include more ‘meaty’ motivations. The kind that feels more like life and death. The make-or-break kind. Let’s stick to the same example from above, with the dry throat and glass of water. This is not such a big deal if you’re at a restaurant. It’s a pretty easy fix, right? But what if the circumstances are different? What if you’re parched in the middle of the desert, and you’re wasting away from dehydration? 

This creates a different motivation, right? There’s a sense of urgency, and we’re dealing with the possibility of death. This is what you need to hone in on when it comes to calling them to action and illustrating what failure looks and feels like. You need to identify the stakes. What are the stakes if they do nothing? Do they stay the same? Do they miss out on possibility and/or change? Nobody wants to experience failure, so show them what failure looks like. Don’t tell… show! 

7. And Ends in a Sucess


The same goes for illustrating success. What does success look and feel like? Show them what things could be like. Does your product or service make the problem disappear completely? Does it make things easier? Does it make them feel better somehow? Remember to show and not just tell. 



A personal story as an example of each step

Years ago, I was struggling with weight gain from a health issue. I wasn’t even immediately concerned about the health issue itself (it was not life and death). I was much more focused on the weight gain. All I wanted, and what I would spend so much time thinking about, was how nice it would be to be able to seamlessly slide my pants once again and button them with ease. That’s it. That was the image that played in my mind repeatedly. I knew that if I could just get there again, I’d be filled with confidence. 

A hero with a problem meets a guide that gives them a plan and calls them to action.

I wanted to be a confident hero of my own story. My problem was unwanted weight gain. My guide came in the form of social media and was offering a protein shake and workout program (you can probably guess), and the plan was simple. Purchase a membership and monthly protein shake subscription. Drink the shake daily and do the workout program. Stick with it. 

That helps them avoid failure and ends in SUCESS.

I can stay the same or get worse. Continue to feel fat and gross. I’d have to buy new jeans eventually, the fat people kind. Feel powerless as I navigated life. 


Stick to the plan, do the work, change my body, and reclaim my power. 

A happy and empowering ending…

I’m happy to report that since then, my body has changed completely. I have defined muscle and much less fat (I still love bread and wine, and I will never stop eating pasta). I’m able to slide my jeans on without difficulty, and I’ve completely updated my wardrobe with clothes I’d never wear if I didn’t have confidence. The best thing, though, is that I walk through my days feeling powerful, confident, and capable of anything. THAT is what this HERO wanted and needed, and that is WHAT I WAS PURCHASING. That is what made me take action and ADD TO CART! 


Identify the basic and compelling underlying motivation your hero has, and claim a customer for life! 


Okay, continuing with the problems…


Little to no experience with SEO

SEO is a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy, and if your hired guns don’t have it, then you don’t have new business. You need to be able to measure your progress, which means you also need to know your starting point. If you are hiring someone to write your marketing copy, you want them to be able to translate that into the language of SEO so that your ideal customers can find you when they need you. 


And this, my fellow REBELS, is the sweet spot. Increasing your organic website traffic will bring in ideal customers who are ready to buy, thereby increasing overall sales and setting you up for repeat business. 


No Understanding of Your Business and Brand

How can anyone write for your business if they don’t understand what you do? How can anyone write copy that converts for you if they have no understanding of your brand voice? They can’t. It won’t work to choose someone that doesn’t understand your business. It’s that simple. 


1 Solution


RebelFish Local 

This is how RebelFish Local does things differently.

RebelFish Local has been writing marketing material and website copy for nine years this coming January, and we’ve always kept our prices at the minimum for StoryBrand Guides. We understand that our success is directly proportional to your success, and we know that if you’re happy with our work, we will benefit too. True entrepreneurs have a complete understanding of this principle. 

RebelFish Local guarantees that your website will convert as long as you drive quality traffic. This means that your website’s getting at least 100 visitors a month. Once you’re getting that organic traffic, you should be able to convert as these are targeted ideal customers who are ready to buy. 

RebelFish Local keeps an eye on benchmarks for quality control. We check in at the 90-day mark and the six-month mark, and if it’s not converting, and you’re doing paid ads, or you are doing SEO, and it’s not converting, then we will rewrite the website. 


RebelFish Local Results

RebelFish Local is proud to say that ALL the StoryBrand Websites we’ve worked on have resulted in conversions. In the past six years, we’ve never had to rewrite a website. They’ve all converted.

I mentioned this above, but allow me to jog your memory to drive the point home. Do you remember the long-running slogan for the Men’s Warehouse? At the end of every single advertisement, the voiceover would say, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!” This is the plain truth. If you’re not converting, we’re not doing the job you hired us for. 


That should be enough to give you some confidence in the marketing team you hire. If a prospective marketing company can’t give you this confidence, they’re not worth your time or your money. 


Here’s how we do it in 3 easy steps…


Clarify Your Message


Nobody has time to listen to all the noise. You must clarify your message so that people will listen. If you’re confused, so are they. If they’re confused, they’re not buying. If they’re not buying, you’re not selling. 


Implement A Strategic Plan

We combine the power of the StoryBrand Framework and our years of experience with SEO to create an unstoppable process that results in conversions. 


Market With Confidence

When you are confident, it shows. Confidence is compelling in and of itself. People put trust in those who move with confidence.


We would love to hear from you with any questions or concerns, but if you’re not quite ready to work with us and are confident you can go at it on your own, here’s our FREE PDF that gives you 5 Hacks for How to Get on Page 1 of Google.


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