Podcast Marketing 101: 5 Steps for Using Your Podcast to Start a Waterfall Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to succeed in marketing, you need to be on the ball. The world changes quickly, and the content marketer that is not at least on the trend train, if not ahead of it, will undoubtedly be left behind.

Right now, podcast marketing is the big thing when it comes to content. By incorporating a podcast into your strategy you can build a waterfall content plan that will see your reach and growth skyrocket.

What is a Waterfall Content Marketing Strategy?

To put it simply, a waterfall content marketing strategy is a plan that takes a content stream and pushes it out into the world where it can make as big of an impact as possible.

Think of it like an actual waterfall. Cascading water, making a big impact when it hits the pool or river at the base.

But how can you create this successful strategy? Keep reading because we are about to lay out the perfect plan for creating your very own successful podcast.

1. Settle on Your Source Material

Before you can start your podcast marketing journey you need to decide exactly what sort of content you wish to create. Audio works the same as text or visual campaigns. You need to have a strategy and a clear plan for execution.

Have you decided on your source topic and source material?

Perfect, now it’s time for some company.

2. Invite Guests for Discussion

Inviting guests onto your podcast has several benefits. One is that you get a second (or multiple) opinion(s) which is a great way to balance your own voice and reach a great audience.

By bringing in names that people will recognize you are also going to see your own reach expand. People who may not have listened before will listen now. Impress them and they will subscribe and become regular listeners. Thus growing your reach.

3. Record the Podcast

Recording the podcast sounds easy. You just hit record. However, you need to go a little further than that.

Recording a podcast means planing upfront. Nailing your discussion topics and knowing what to say and when. It means bringing in ad reads, sound effects, and general post-recording editing.

For a successful waterfall content marketing strategy, you might be wise to invest in a professional editor to help you here. The benefits will outweigh the initial cost.

4. Nail Your Copywriting

Once your podcast is recorded, you need to invest some time in the copywriting side of things to make sure it hits the ground running.

You need to nail your descriptions and CTA in the episode write up. Gather your links and click through material ready for people to dive deeper into any discussed topic should they so wish.

Don’t forget your episode headlines and titles. They are magic makers that will draw people in.

5. Follow Up Work

Once your podcast has gone live, it is time to start thinking about the next episode, but for a real waterfall content marketing strategy, you need to make sure each podcast makes the maximum impact.

Spread out once the initial podcast has hit, you should look to:

  • Create a blog post on the discussion topic
  • Upload a transcript of the show/interview

By doing this you are increasing the spread of the show and ensuring your waterfall creates that big impact you are aiming for.

Podcast Marketing Is a Marathon Not a Sprint

At the end of the day, creating a valuable podcast marketing stream is not something that happens overnight. It takes time and work but when done right, using the correct structure, the benefit it can bring is immeasurable.

Is it time you brought your marketing strategy up to speed? Are you ready to see your business grow?

Then check out some of our other posts and see how you can boost your marketing and book maximum profits.


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