What is Local SEO and why does my business need it?

If you operate a local brick and mortar business and have a physical storefront, you probably already know that your business needs a professionally designed website that requires Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a process for how to get reviews from your customers. That is how you found this page to begin with =)

A lot of businesses lose sales to competitors that have spent considerable time and resources to push their online brand up the ranks on Google to drive more traffic to their business. More and more businesses are pushing to gain an online presence and visibility to get in front of a bigger potential audience to showcase their available services and products on Google.

The old model is you would go find the customer, the new model is the customer is finding your business and our communications evolves on the web, there is a growing opportunity to grab a much wider audience than ever before in history. For many brick and mortar business owners, local SEO and getting reviews from customers is mostly a confusing thing; what does “Local SEO” mean and does my business need it?


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